The AW20 collection of CHPTR-S is, among other things, made from NAPA (lams) leather. Made by passionate and demanding craftsmen with infinite patience, these items are made with care and love and finished with hand.

CHPTR-S uses NAPA lamsleer. Staying involved in the area remains a focus of CHPTR-S. As a result, no animals were intentionally harmed for these garments. The leather used is only the remains of the animal which has been used for consumption which have enjoyed an ethical treatment. The leather is so edited that the natural features-wrinkles, veins and pores-remain visible.

Due to the durability of leather, a learning item is a real investment, but it is important that you maintain it well. You don't just throw it in the washing machine, so take care of it, treat it lightly, and don't leave the jacket in the sun to save yourself a visit to the dry cleaning.

Is your leather jacket really dirty and do you want to clean him thoroughly? Then rest there is nothing but the jacket to be handled by a leather cleaning specialist. Never was it! Leather is a natural material and when it gets too wet, it sucks all the water up, shrinks it and dries it hard and stug up. But how do you make sure the leather stays beautiful?

Do's and Dont's:

  • Use special leather spray for extra protection of your clothing.
  • Put your clothes on in a dark place. When you learn to wear clothes in the sun it will be discolored, so make sure that you don't get too much light on your clothes. Close your closet doors to avoid light.
  • Maintain the fit, because leather is a natural product it takes the shape of your pendant. As a result, we advise to keep the items lying down.
  • Rub the leather over each other to remove small rain spots.
  • Has the item become wet due to the rain, dry it then on room tempature. Not in the sun or a heater.
  • Go to the dry cleaners for a special learning treatment.
  • Were you never self-learning?