Back-to-Business Collection

A new collection means a new theme: Back to Business.

This collection is entirely dedicated to power woman. The energetic, opinionated and loving woman who is ambitious in her own way and wants to get the best out of herself.

The collection is made up of different styles and is made of luxurious materials such as refined embroidery and chic satin. This ensures that each style really has its own identity, as well as our power women. From a romantic style to a more business look to full sex appeal. This collection has it all. To stay within the theme 'Back to Business', we have given the items with which you can identify as a woman, just like with our previous collection 'Sister from another mister'.


  • The Ambitious
  • The Confident
  • The Curious
  • The Genious
  • The Adventurous
  • The Powerful
  • The Perfectionist

Which character trait suits you the most?

padded bra chptr-s

bottom hipster

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