CHPTR-S is consciously engaged in responsible entrepreneurship, strives for a sustainable world and correct work ethic. We start with ourselves. CHPTR-S commit to take every collection in the right direction when it comes to sustainability, product development and working conditions.

For both the lingerie collections and the clothing collections, CHPTR-S works closely with various manufacturers, workshops and suppliers, all of whom pay attention to sustainability and work ethic. Safe working conditions are personally monitored and observed. The various factories are regularly visited and are in contact with third parties that supply materials.

Materials are carefully selected and selected. Although (yet) not all materials are equally durable and there is still much to be achieved, we are looking for more durable fabrics and lace. Cutting the substances carefully and minimising waste is a very high priority.

Unfortunately, working without plastic packaging materials is not possible. To prevent possible water damage during transport, this is necessary. However, CHPTR-S uses recycled and durable plastic, when it comes to polybags but also hygiene strips in lingerie. CHPTR-S strives for minimal packaging to prevent waste.

We would like to point out to customers that they too are part of the environment and can contribute to this by returning returns in the same packaging material. This minimizes waste. If you have any questions about the sizes we are happy to help you find the right fit and returns can be avoided. 

If you have any questions or have any tips on our ways of working, don't hesitate to contact us via