Corporate Social Responsibility


CHPTR-S is Consciously Engaged in Responsible Business, Strives for a Sustainable World and Correct Work Ethics. In Doing So, we start with Ourselves. Each Collection CHPTR-S is committed to take a step in the right direction when it comes to sustainability, product development and work conditions. 

CHPTR-S Works Closely with Various Manufacturers, Studios and Suppliers Who All Pay Attention to Sustainability and Wok Ethics. Safe and Fair Working Conditions Are Personally Monitored and Adhered to The Entire Supply Chain. The Various Factories and Ateliers Are Regularly Visited And Are In Close Contact With The Third Parties Who Supply Materials.

CHPTR-S ’Designs High Quality Products Made for Long Term Usage with CareFully Selected Materials. Every Collection is made from varous types of Materials Among which organic cotton, eco viscose, tencel or napa leather.

Organic Cotton: CHPTR-S Uses 100% Organic Cotton which is associated to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
Ecovero Viscose Fibers: The Fibers are derived from Sustainable Wood and Pulp, coming from Certified and Controlled Sources. It has bone certified with the eu ecolabel as meeting high -environmentmental standards through their life cycle: from raw material extraction to production, distribution and disposal. The Fibers Can Be Robustly Identified in the Final Product, Insurance You That It Contains Genuine Viscose Fibers.
The Fabric is made of Wood, in most cases from eucalyptus trees. Semi-Synthetic Materials Such as these have a natural source but need a process to convert it into a fiber that can be used for clothing. Other semi-synthetic fabrics such as lycocell include rayon (viscose) and modal, but tencel is produced much more durable.
Napa Leather | Animal Welfare: CHPTR-S Uses Napa Lamskin. As a result, no animals were deliberately Harmed for these Garments. The Leather That Has Been Used is Only the Remains of the Animal That Has Been Used for Consumption which has recovered an ethical treatment. The Leather Has Been Processed in Such A Way That The Natural Characteristics - Wrinkles, Veins and Pores - Remain Visible. 

Being Responsible and Considering the Ethical and Environmental Impact of CHPTR-S ’Operational Activities Such As Packaging, Shipping and Foreign Appeal The Products. CHPTR-S ’Reduces the Environmental Footprint of Our Daily Business Operations. Unfortunately, working without plastic packaging is not Possible. This is necessary to prevent Possible Water Damage Duration Transport. However, CHPTR-S uses recycled and durable plastic when it comes to polybags as well as hygiene strips in lingerie. CHPTR-S Strives for Minimal Packaging to Prevent Waste. In The Workplace CHPTR-S HAS A PAKLESS Office Mentality Reducing Waste in Every Aspect.

Most Importantly Conducting Business With Integrity, Honesty and Transparency.

Most Importantly Conducting Business With Integrity, Honesty and Transparency. - C | S