Quality is the heart and soul of the brand. CHPTR-S meticulously sources the finest fabrics and materials, ensuring every stitch and detail is flawlessly executed. We believe in creating garments that stand the test of time, becoming cherished pieces that will make you feel proud to wear them.

We are driven by the courage to challenge conventions and push the boundaries of fashion. We believe in expressing individuality and embracing the unexpected. Our designs combine classic elegance with a modern edge, capturing the essence of our customers' refined taste and ambitious spirit.

We believe that true luxury is not just about aesthetics, but also about how our garments feel against the skin. Each piece is meticulously tailored to provide a perfect fit, allowing you to embrace effortless sophistication and comfort.


To date, CHPTR-S is sold in various fashion boutiques and online stores in Europe and aims to expand even further.


About the


The two sisters behind the brand - Valery & Daniek - have a huge passion for lingerie and fashion and have launched the Chptr-S brand with this preference. CHPTR-S encourages women to be strong, significant and sophisticated in their own unique way. The two grew up in an entrepreneurial family that inspired them to set up your own business.

Quality, fashion and beautiful materials both spoke enormously. They have always been attracted by all the beauty that Fashion had to offer, and that translates directly into the fashion and lingerie brand.