Autumn | Winter 23

"Blurred lines."

Expectations Are How One is Able To Envision Its Future. There is no
Right or Wrong, no set nor stone. It encompasses all areas of life.

From the classic modern staple to the unconventional style aesthetic. Statement pieces to define your second self.

A Collection with Bold Colors, Refined Knitted Garments and Italian Craftsmanship.

“Refined Italian Fabrics Combining Faux Fur and Consumption Leather.” - C | S 

"The Modern Way of Dressing, Ton-sur-Ton and Never Ending Layers." - C | S

“Investment Pieces That Build a Modern Wardrobe.” - C | S

“Statement Pieces to Define Your Second Self” - C | S

"Simplicity is The Ulitmate Sophistication." - C | S

“Classic and Elegant, a modern statement.” - C | S